Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harry Potter . . . The End

The final Harry Potter movie will debut in approximately 6 weeks, but I'm already feeling a flutter of excitement!  In honor of the final installment, we've created some fan art necklaces that are for sale at and for $7.50 each. 

For those looking for love, Amortentia potion.

Amortentia - the strongest love potion in the world

For those who want to get lucky but aren't looking for love, Felix Felicis.  

Felix Felicis Good Luck Potion

Etsy is the wonderland of geekery, and a search for "Harry Potter" pulls up 160 pages of owl watch pendants, knitted scarves, and magic wands.  Here are some of my favorites:

Harry Potter Plushies by SaintAngel  ($75)

Golden Snitch Necklace by Harvest Lane Studio  ($26)

T-shirt by Nerd Core  ($20)

Harry Potter 8GB Key Chain by Nando Kommndo  ($60)

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