Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pike Place Market

A trip to Seattle just wouldn't be complete without a few delicacies from Pike Place Market!  We had an extra day after Sakura Con and stopped by the market to look for some fresh inspiration for Bit of Sugar's 2012 holiday line.


Lunch at the Athenian Inn (featured in Sleepless in Seattle).  

Beecher's cheese - the humbolt fog is my favorite stinky cheese.

In addition to food stalls, there are flower vendors, crafters, and artists lining the halls of the market.

My favorite donuts from the Daily Dozen.  

On the side of Pike Place Market, down a tiny thorough fair called Post Alley, there is the infamous gum wall.  As gross as it sounds, it smells even worse.  Think thousands of pieces of juicy fruit + saliva + sugar.  Delicious?  I think not.  Still, we feel compelled to leave a contribution everytime we visit Pike's.

Pike Place Gum Wall Windowsill

I <3 you!

I suppose this is more permanent than writing our initials in the sand . . . 

Sakura Con 2012

I'm finally done sorting through the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of pics that Brad and I took at Sakura Con 2012, so it's time to do a blog post!

This was our first mainland show and I was unbelievably worried - were the props protected from damage, would TSA go through my jewelry bins, were our products out of touch with a mainland market?  Thankfully, our artist alley table was a success and we'll definitely be back in 2013 with a full-blown exhibitors booth.

Here are a few pics of our table:

Bit of Sugar Sakura Con 2012 Artist Alley Table

Bit of Sugar Miniature Potion Bottle Necklaces

We met some wonderful artists and vendors:

Kim and friends at GetaStudios - Seattle-based artists with Hawaii ties. We hope to see them at Kawaii Kon next year!

Our super-awesome neighbors Atomic Laundry - Brad got so many compliments on his fluorescent green leg warmers :)

And we were so happy to see Arda Wigs, the BEST wig company EVER!  They sell at Kawaii Kon, so Hawaii cosplay fans, you can find the perfect wig here!  

I fart rainbows.  Yes I do.  In my 30+ years, there are only two drawings that have ever spoke to me, and one is from Enfu/I fart rainbows.

Almost everyone had a spiffy costume on, and we couldn't help but click away.  The following are a few of our favorite shots:

Rainbow Dash wearing our Nyan Cat scarf - LOVE IT!

I was a huge Sailor Moon fan growing up and so happy that it's made a comeback!  Unfortunately, that probably means I'm showing my age.