Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mexican Candies and Cookies

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is sample new foods, and this includes somewhat exotic candies, cookies, and snacks.  On the second night of our trip, my sister Sarah and I raided Oxxo (a Mexican mini-mart) for any type of treat not found in the US. 


I really, really, really wanted to love the Bubu Lubu.  How can you NOT love a candy named Bubu Lubu?  Alas, it was just okay.  It reminded me of those chocolate covered marshmallow Santa Claus shaped candies that everyone used to use as stocking stuffers . . . you know, the ones you throw away.

 Bubu Lubu    

My favorite sweet was Mamut, a dense cookie and marshmallow fluff covered in a hard chocolate shell.  Apparently, they're available in the US, but I haven't seen them anywhere in Hawaii.  If anyone finds them, I'd gladly trade some Bit of Sugar merchandise for a box of these!

On the complete opposite end of the yummy spectrum is this Indy Dedos crap.  Imagine vomiting up a puddle of bile, letting it evaporate, sprinkling on a bit of tabasco sauce and you get the picture.  

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