Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popin' Cookin DIY Ice Cream Candy Review

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and Slave Brad bought me a bunch of Popin' Cookin sets.

Brad wore his SLAVE shirt on my birthday, but that wasn't my idea!

 The first set we attempted was the Ice Cream candy:

Wafers, cones, sprinkles, piping bag, etc. on my Makitti compartment plate (because it's bad when food touches)

The first step is to mix water with the ice cream powder.  Check out the uber cute pink spatula that can double as a night cream scooper.  (Birthdays make me think about wrinkles, and wrinkles make me think about anti-wrinkle treatments.)

The next step is to fill the pastry bag with the "ice cream" paste, which is definitely harder than it sounds!  Filling the cone is even harder, hence my ugly cone on the left. 

The ice cream was DELICIOUS!!!  So delicious that I tilted my head back and sucked the leftover frosting from the piping bag - classy, huh?  Thank you, Slave Brad :)

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