Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pike Place Market

A trip to Seattle just wouldn't be complete without a few delicacies from Pike Place Market!  We had an extra day after Sakura Con and stopped by the market to look for some fresh inspiration for Bit of Sugar's 2012 holiday line.


Lunch at the Athenian Inn (featured in Sleepless in Seattle).  

Beecher's cheese - the humbolt fog is my favorite stinky cheese.

In addition to food stalls, there are flower vendors, crafters, and artists lining the halls of the market.

My favorite donuts from the Daily Dozen.  

On the side of Pike Place Market, down a tiny thorough fair called Post Alley, there is the infamous gum wall.  As gross as it sounds, it smells even worse.  Think thousands of pieces of juicy fruit + saliva + sugar.  Delicious?  I think not.  Still, we feel compelled to leave a contribution everytime we visit Pike's.

Pike Place Gum Wall Windowsill

I <3 you!

I suppose this is more permanent than writing our initials in the sand . . . 


  1. Yeah, that gum wall looks QUITE gross, but I kind of want to hoover all those donuts. OH BABY.

  2. Oh yes, there's nothing quite like fresh, hot donuts! My tummy is rumbling for them as I type!