Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arpakasso Love!

As the creative director of Bit of Sugar, it's only natural that I have a predetermined, genetic tendency to gravitate towards all things cute.  So when I saw a pic of an Arpakasso on tumblr, I got hit HARD with a kawaii anxiety attack.  What is that, you ask?  It's an irrational, oh-my-god, scrunching my nose and shoulders while squirming with happiness, have to hug myself, my tummy is tickly, I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW OR I AM GOING TO DIE feeling that turns my body to jelly.  

Brad got me a little family of 8, and their plane will be arriving on Monday.  I was lucky enough to have received a pic of the plushies, and couldn't help but do cute things to them.  Introducing the Bit of Sugar Arpakasso family . . .

Introducing Bit of Sugar's Arpakassos

Arpakassos love France!

Arpakassos dining in France.

Arpakassos frolicking in a field.

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