Monday, January 31, 2011

Cotton Candy Chronicles - Part 1

This is the first post in a series called "Cotton Candy Chronicles."  It's meant to offer a glimpse into the crafting process and show how an idea turns into a (hopefully) sellable product. 

Cotton candy party favors created by Martha.  She's like Madonna - she doesn't need a last name.

For the past few months, I've been wanting to make miniature cotton candy pendants because cotton candy is the perfect food.  It's sugar + air and really, that's all you need to survive.  But how the heck do you turn a hard, dense substance (clay) into a puffy, fluffy, bundle of goodness?  This is the first step in the Bit of Sugar crafting process - brainstorming!  

Cotton Candy Brainstorming List:

- How do we replicate the texture of cotton candy?
- If we can get the texture right, will we still be able to secure a head or eye pin in it?
- How do we make it waterproof?
- Do we need to look for another medium other than clay?
- How do we make the stick?  If we use clay, will the stick be thick enough to handle wear and tear?
- The list is a lot longer, but we'll stop here.  It's pretty boring.

While googling/researching cotton candy, I came across this:

Scrumptious Delights Cotton Candy Twins.  Buy yours at

Poor monsters.  Can you imagine how sticky and miserable they must feel when the cotton candy gets stuck on their fur?  Ewww crunchy fur ewwwww.  I can't stand the feel of cotton candy on my face, hair, and fingers so I will only eat it nekkid in the shower.  I'm not weird, I'm clean . . .

3 down, 362 to go to goal

- Lei

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